Sitemap - 2020 - PRESS RUN

12 times the Beltway media failed us in 2020

How Beltway journalism is destroying our faith in government

Weekend thread: Fox News' Maria Bartiromo has always been awful

The PizzaGate election

Trump plots martial law from White House — the press shrugs

'Dems in Disarray' — the press targets Biden

Election denial, Covid denial — press has no idea how to cover deranged GOP

The media's defining failure of 2020

Weekend thread: Faltering Fox

Why Fox News' ratings are tanking

Why is Washington Post still running puff pieces about Trump White House?

Sunday morning shows need to ban Republicans who won't admit Biden won

Trump's mob takes aim at GOP, Fox News

Biden got 80 million votes — that should be a huge news story

Sorry CNN, Trump voters don't deserve "sympathy"

Holiday Thread: Giving thanks

A crack in the Noise Machine — how Murdoch derailed Trump

Trump’s not “sulking,” he’s waging war on democracy

Biden White House should give Fox News the boot

Who cares about Trump voters' feelings?

CNN ad campaign gaslights Trump madness

Trump's election madness: The press gives Republicans a pass

After worshiping Trump voters, New York Times flips the script on Biden voters

Gaslighting Georgia — the press assumes GOP will control the Senate

Good news: Network TV learned from 2016 debacle, embraced substance in 2020

Indecision 2020 — TV networks lose their nerve

Media reminder—Pennsylvania vote count is slow because GOP wanted it that way

The Associated Press fails Election Night test

Memo to media: Don't blow this

Missing — where are the "Trump Lies About Voting" headlines?


America turns on Trump — we're not "polarized" after all

Can Trump bully the media into calling a winner on Election Night?

"Today" show owes Biden an apology — duped by Trump campaign

Hunter, Hillary, and the media—what changed since 2016

Getting away with it — Trump's debate lies greeted with media shrugs

Tell the truth about Rush Limbaugh

Trump's pandemic playbook comes straight from Putin — chaos is the goal

Both Sides — the press keeps screwing up Covid relief bill coverage

Weekend Thread: Debatable behavior

Enablers — NBC rewards Trump for blowing up Biden debate

New York Times can't stop obsessing over "Trump Voters"

Stop calling it "packing" the Supreme Court

Fox News' mindless, manic pursuit of Hillary — in 2020

Why the debates were always doomed — Trump's a madman

Trump kills Covid relief bill — the press misses the bigger story

"Trump's a Madman" should be a constant news headline

The Trump Covid crisis: "Washington" isn't unraveling, the GOP is

Trump has Covid-19: How Fox News infected America

Call off the next two debates

Memo to media: Don't repeat your 2016 Trump debate mistakes

Cries of "fake news" won't save Trump from bombshell tax records story

Weekend Thread: Into the homestretch

Trump trying to steal the election is the only campaign story that matters

The Ginsburg power grab—the press plays dumb about radical GOP

Trump, Obama and the media's wild Supreme Court double standard

The media’s 3 unforgivable sins of the Trump era

The press is desperate for a horse race

Why on earth did CNN offer Trump "weekly show" during 2016 campaign?

Of course Trump knew

Fox News just proved why it shouldn't be hosting first debate

The AP's colossal campaign failure

Weekend Thread: Media favorites

How Trump’s “law and order” lies get promoted by the press

Trump’s latest ratings flop—he's overexposed and tedious

New York Times shrugs off Trump campaign lawbreaking, crucified Al Gore for less

The press has a Melania Trump problem

If Biden lied like Trump, he wouldn't be allowed on TV

Weekend thread: Conventional wisdom

Trump, Putin, and the emails — Hillary deserves media apology

The Post Office, the press, and Trump's authoritarian rule

Birther II: The press finally calls out Trump's racist attacks

Kamala Harris sparks right-wing media meltdown

Memo to media: Stop pretending Trump cares about the pandemic

Trump’s now using reporters as campaign props

Weekend thread: The debate debate

Why Trump doesn't deserve a Biden debate

Don’t blame "Congress" for GOP ending $600 unemployment benefit

When the press buried Obama for Ebola — and two Americans died

Pandemic Nation: Hillary was right about the deplorables

New York Times keeps saying GOP's breaking with Trump — it’s not

Weekend thread: Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

Are MyPillow ads keeping Tucker Carlson's show alive?

Unplug the freak show — Trump’s pandemic briefings are back

Gaslighter — Mika blames Hillary for not warning us about Trump

USA Today’s pandemic shame — pushing Trump propaganda

NY Times' comical attempt to fact check Biden in the age of Trump lies

Mary Trump scolds media for downplaying Donald's mental disorders

Is Barron Trump returning to in-person classes this fall? The press needs to find out

Trump's an obvious racist — why won't the press say so?

How the press keeps whitewashing Trump's deranged speeches

Holiday weekend thread: "1776"

Russian bounties — Trump threatens the American experiment

New York Times still whitewashing Kavanaugh's confirmation lies

Facebook’s reckoning arrives

Weekend thread: CNN's Trump addiction

Trump's pandemic chaos — why's he doing this?

Why aren’t attacks sticking to Biden the way they did Hillary?

Trump's plot against America escalates

Why the press should boycott Trump's "extraordinarily dangerous" Tulsa rally

Shake Shack, "poisoned" cops, and how the press falls for police propaganda

Media's 'Dems in Disarray' crashes as Blue Wave election comes into view

History will judge media's refusal to call Trump a liar

How Fox News lost the Black Lives Matter debate

How Trump's mental health became the third rail of American journalism

It's time to bury the New York Times' Biden-stuck-in-the-basement narrative

"Props"— how Trump keeps humiliating White House press corps

Why New York Times and Facebook employees are rebelling

CNN finally warns of Trump's authoritarian menace — is it too late?

Memo to media: Stop pretending Trump can "win over black voters"

As police pound the press, Trump smiles

America has a Mark Zuckerberg problem

Trump's war on the media descends into murder claim, threat to "close down" Twitter

Is the campaign press rooting for Trump?

PRESS RUN Analysis

"Twitter, you should be ashamed" — ban Trump now

Biden grabs big lead with Fox News demographic — senior voters

CBS hired conspiracy reporter from Fox News, now she's pushing "Obamagate"

West Wing nervous breakdown — and media still won’t demand Trump resign

Memo to media: Don't take the "Obamagate" bait

Small "reopen" protests grab media attention — remember when huge anti-war rallies got ignored?

Access journalism is killing us

News about Press Run

The press needs to stop touting Trump's favorite pandemic projection model — it's useless

Sorry media, Biden case isn't like Kavanaugh's — Kavanaugh lied about everything

"The insults don't matter" — ABC reporter gives Trump a pass on vicious media attacks

Trump's press secretary won't stop lying about pandemic — so New York Times toasts her with puff piece

With 58,000 dead, pandemic becomes Trump's Vietnam — in just six weeks

Trump's pandemic: 50,000 deaths, 26 million lost jobs. New York Times: Dems in Disarray!

Fox News hosts love "reopen" rallies — they just don't want to risk being near protesters

Right-wing protesters now getting the Tea Party treatment — fawning press coverage

ABC, CNN, New York Times all admit Trump briefings aren't news — so now what?

Did "distracted" Trump simply "miss" pandemic warnings? That's the story press is telling

Trump commits ultimate TV sin with daily briefings — he's boring

If Trump were foreign leader, U.S. press would call him "authoritarian." So why not here at home?

Memo to media: We still don’t know why Trump is doing this

TV networks air Trump 10 hours a week — in 2014 they refused to air Obama for 10 minutes

"Tone" deaf — how Trump coverage keeps marring pandemic reporting

Trump's pandemic propaganda comes straight from Putin playbook

Media's taboo topic: Why's Trump doing this?

Tucker Carlson is not your friend — Fox News host joins chorus of pandemic charlatans

Sorry New York Times, Democrats weren't "blocking" pandemic relief bill

CBS News and its dangerously naïve Trump pandemic coverage

We're still waiting for "Trump Lies About Pandemic" headlines

Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and the pandemic's merchants of death

In praise of "nasty" questions for Trump

To protect America, the press needs to unplug Trump's pandemic misinformation

How the press missed the Biden surge

How AP, NPR, and NYT help whitewash Trump's virus madness

Memo to media: Maybe voters don't care about Biden "gaffes"

Warning: Campaign press won't protect Democrats from bogus GOP attacks

Why won't one White House reporter stand up to Trump?

TV debates don't work — bring back the League of Women Voters

The press crucified Obama for Ebola, gives Trump a pass for coronavirus

Bullied: Why Facebook and Twitter keep bowing down to Trump

Wait, the press actually thinks Barr's going to stand up to Trump?

Why the media's 2016 Clinton debacle hangs over today's 'electability' debate

Good grief, why is New York Times portraying Trump as an environmental activist?

Trump unleashed — does the press know how to handle his authoritarian ways?

Is the press erasing black voters from Democratic primary coverage?

New York Times can't stop toasting McConnell for orchestrating sham impeachment trial

Trump's State of the Union confirmed dirty little media secret: He's a TV ratings loser

CNN snubbed: How the D.C. press makes it so easy for Trump to bully them

Why Press Run Matters

Media touts McConnell's impeachment cover-up as being super savvy

Is D.C. media up for the Senate impeachment challenge?

Every reporter knew Trump was lying about Iran — but none would say so

Why 2016 press failures keep haunting the Beltway media

The press plays dumb about Trump's bizarre Iran speech behavior

Did American Media Learn Anything From The Iraq War Debacle?