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Just ask a Hillary hater *exactly* what it is about her they hate, and you'll mostly just hear some blubbering...then silence.

Those who vote based on the most superficial of sentiments (e.g., looks, lack of penis, or...gawd forbid...voice level) are not qualified to mark up a ballot. Unfortunately, such right is accorded them and a vote is basically wasted.

It's so damn embarrassing, at times, to be an American.

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I hope you continue to publish calls to apologize to Hillary. Until we reckon with how she was systematically sullied over and over to create an uneasy feeling about her character and how that is misogyny, women will continue to be stymied in the quest for equality. I see it and feel it in how all women are treated with an uneasiness. I hear it in my male family members who have said to me, there was something not right about her. If it's a vague uneasy feeling that you can't name, it's internalized misogyny. Women are not immune to having internalized the prevailing cultural uneasiness with women. We need the press to openly examine their contribution to sabotaging HRC as reality as Comey did. Please continue to call for an apology. I'll continue to talk to the good men in my family. It's a step toward equality.

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Rather than accept responsibility for their actions, they continue to blame Hillary, claiming she was a flawed candidate (a manta readily adopted by voters - eventually repeated even by some of hers), that she wasn't likable, that she didn't visit the right states because she arrogantly assumed they were in her column...

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The Founders of this country concluded that a free and open press was a good thing to help defend and protect our democracy. They would have never expected that the press would be a willing agent in democracy's destruction. As far as Hillary goes, the mainstream media will never apologize for what they did to her. Hillary may have not become the perfect president but with her dedication to law, her experience as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, she would have made the most able and prepared president perhaps in history. Unfortunately Hillary's biggest mistake was not having a penis.

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The press is continuing to undermine Democrats.

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5/1/18: Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, at a press conference, claims "as as is standard operating procedure for a new President, the White House medical unit took possession of the President's medical records."

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Move along.

The statement sounds like it might have been written for her. "As is standard operating procedure" sounds forced, to me. If it's standard procedure, why announce it? Who asked? Can anyone remember another such example?

Don't you wish there were an announcement at a press conference: "As is standard operating procedure for the death of a President's brother, no official cause of death will be given." It's standard, right? Not to report what it says after "cause of death" on the death certificate? Do we know yet what Robert Trump officially died of? Is anyone working on that story?

Move along. Move along, folks.

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Today's FUN FACT:

12/27/18: Elysa Braunstein and Sharon Kessel tell USA TODAY that their father, Queens podiatrist and Fred Trump tenant Larry Braunstein (died 2007) diagnosed young Donald, who had already had four deferments, with "bone spurs" on the heels of one of his feet. When asked which foot it was Trump couldn't remember. Braunstein made the diagnosis by letter, and never actually performed an examination. Trump thus became eligible for a fifth deferment, when his educational deferments ran out.

Food for thought: It just occurred to me that THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER's David Pecker has performed "catch and kill" favors for his friend Donald Trump, buying and burying stories that might have somehow adversely affected his electability. How is Trump's complete medical record NOT one of the buried stories in his safe?

Didn't Pecker publish Hillary's complete medical records for all grocery shoppers to enjoy on the checkout line? How does Pecker NOT know what Giuliani, Calamari, Garten, Schiller . . . and probably Putin all seem to know? Who can hold him accountable?


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