I can’t believe the media is allowing themselves to be held captive by Trump. But it also drives me crazy that MSNBC and CNN are so obsessed with Cuomo’s pressers and by DeBlasio. Neither one of them have been as proactive or effective as Ohio’s Mike DeWine or California’s Gavin Newsome. The media acts like they have don’t realize that most of us don’t live in New York and don’t need a daily detailed account of what is being done there.

I am not a fan of DeWine but he was willing to listen to his health experts and shut things down before Ohio had even one diagnosed case. Despite taking a lot of heat he held firm. And that state already had a well-established statewide emergency medical response system - something other states would do well to study.


In his interview with Rachel Maddow Gavin Newsome described how he is using the economic clout of California to buy needed supplies abroad without getting into a bidding war. He is working with other states to help them get what they need too. He already has a deal for 200 million masks per month. California is sending ventilators to other states, too.


It seems to me that we should be hearing from people like this who are acting proactively not constantly hearing from Trump, Cuomo and DeBlasio.

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This is the only place where it is possible to see the real Trump, unedited. Not made tidy or comprehensible by putting words in or taking them out. Not recut, for concision, or to be suitable for family viewing.

In other words, Trump is finally not being normalized, and they need to rebroadcast every minute of it 24/7 until it is the only thing you can see, until everyone has seen it ten times.

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The Apprentice ratings declined episode to episode. Got a spike when they switched to the burn out, insignificant, possibly deranged celebrity version and then right back to decline; last episode attracted ~6m viewers. In Trump’s favor, the show had what you can call Fake Trump and was cheap to produce.

All of which is to say, declining ratings should be no surprise.

Meanwhile, I’m amazed that the people on the stage with Donnie (failing to do that social distancing thing so Donnie can have a backdrop he likes) are doing such an awesome job that they have ~3 hours a day to waste on this sick crap.

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Excellent observation. And one Trump would hate.

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One of the Twitter offerings for the first line of a novel about the 'Coronavirus era' says it all:

"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks didn’t matter because the White House coronavirus press conference would never end. (@CarlosLozadaWP)"

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