Thanks Eric. You are as always right on the money.

And that's it, right? Money? Isn't that part of the answer why we see bothsiderism and normalization? Revenue, revenue revenue.

I might expand your premise concerning the Democratic party a bit to suggest that virtually no other democratic country would allow the propaganda that fills our airways and social media. Imagine any country in Europe that fought fascism and accompanying gas-lighting allowing trump's lies to air for 4 straight days.

One more point: in his new book, “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth,” which will be released tomorrow, Brian Stelter of CNN tries to expose the propaganda network of trump's party. (The book shot from No. 340 to No. 1 on Amazon's best-seller's list following Stelter's appearance with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC Friday.) So Press Run and Hoax for the next 4 nights I suggest, with a little Eric Alterman thrown in.

Please keep up your work Eric, it is truly needed.

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The media may just give Trump the bounce he and his campaign are looking for because you are correct Eric. The media will surely attempt to normalize what this president is doing. My fear is that the undecided (I know, how can anyone be undecided about this?) that are leaning right, will feel enabled to vote for Trump again. You combine that with folks who say they are voting for Biden but really intend to vote for Trump because they don't want to be ridiculed or those who will vote for him simply because he puts and R after his name, add to that voter suppression and we just might have this clinically diagnosed mentally disabled leader of the free world for another four years. The one thing I predict shortly after the election results, if Trump were to win again, is that Canada's immigration web site will surely crash.

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I am desperately missing Walter Cronkite. The most trusted man in America. What happened to journalists and journalism?

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I'll disagree. He would be allowed on TV, but they would be constantly--and I do mean constantly, and in real time--refuting and mocking him.

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I have been looking at media coverage of Trump and the GOP, and I couldn't help but remember Joe Isuzu. The media should cover the convention on tape delay and add disclaimers the way the Isuzu commercials did. Too much to hope for, I know, but they should do that with every Trump/GOP presser.

I wrote it up here: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/8/24/1971858/-With-the-GOP-convention-about-to-start-Eric-Boehlert-warns-of-the-media-double-standard?_=2020-08-24T10:17:17.510-07:00

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Again Mr. Boehlert, more Trump on TV is good. The more people see the unhinged, incoherent, blustering Trump the less likely they are to vote for him. Bring on the Yo-Semites. Let’s hear more of Thigh-land.

One of these days we need to discuss your view of the American voter. Are Americans really so ignorant as to accept that Dr. Fauci created HIV as a means of population control? If so; we’ve got much bigger problems than Trump.

I can’t seem to show you that the power you wish to grant to corporations to block “lies” easily can be turned against you. Blithely assuming that only Republicans ever lie and you will never be the victim of such corporate power; strikes me as reckless. What is used against Republicans today can be used against you tomorrow.

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