I’m a native white female Floridian, and have NEVER been afraid of anyone, black, white, Hispanic, while interacting with any/all people in all of my 62 years living in the sunshine state. Fast forward to the mean spirited, spiteful Trump Shit Show of a Presidency, all that has changed. And with Governor Ron DeathSantis running & ruining Florida with all the hate & willful ignorance he can muster, I can honestly say, I deeply fear for my own safety while out & about anywhere I go these days. Its horrible living here under such threat, it’s sad that my state has been hi-jacked by these right wing GOP male white supremacist. PS. I was a registered Republican up until the 2x impeached guy ascended office. No one person has done more irreversible harm to the GOP & USA than that one man horror show Known as DJT.

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Good news—audio now working for today’s podcast

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NBC News put out a story titled "Fueled by Trump-inspired grievance, attempts to terrorize public officials escalate". Written by Henry J. Gomez, it outlines the death-threats received by Democrats but then just has to have that one paragraph to talk about the ONE disturbed person who shot up the ballgame (no doubt an awful criminal act) and Kyrsten Sinema getting yelled at in a bathroom. "Balance".

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Unfortunately one honest article won’t be enough when cable news consistently allows republicans to lie unchallenged at every opportunity. This week’s Sunday shows where a perfect example. It’s discouraging and disheartening and shows no sign of abating. I can on,y hope as ratings continue to decline, media moguls get the message.

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The journalists who did deep dives while writing books—Rucker, Leonig, Karl, Costa, etc, as well as many of the moderate/conservatives, Frum, Anne Applebaum, Max Boot, Tom Nichols, Jennifer Rubin—see the threat very clearly and talk about it as often as they can, as do media watchers Eric B, Dan Froomkin, Margaret Sullivan (when we need her she's on leave, writing her book), and some others from various fields who have taken to writing columns. Even Scarborough sees it and talks about it—and of course bashes Dems while he does. Karl went from chiding his fellow journalists for covering Trump too harshly (why I couldn't read his previous book) to joining the small chorus of voices warning of the dangers. But their voices aren't enough if the rest of their colleagues—reporters, editors, publishers, producers—downplay or refuse to acknowledge what is happening before our eyes.

I think many journalists don't know how to cover this moment. They've been steeped in bothersidism for so long that they don't know how to see beyond it. Maybe they should go back and look at reporting from the late 1930s to see how the greats covered the rise of fascism and Nazism. Then there are those journalists who are either too close to the trees to see the forest or who refuse to see it at all—the "it won't happen here" crowd. Last week Andrea Mitchell, said the Dems—because of the back and forth negotiations over infrastructure and BBB—were as much of a "clown show" as the GOP with their performative "governing." Needless to say, my head exploded. (Figuratively of course.)

We are living in very dangerous times. Will mainstream journalism rise to the moment, and will it be in time to help save us, or will they fail—utterly and completely?

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The insanity of a cohort of the GOP base and how the party is supporting, enabling and empowering them is hugely important. But I would submit that as the Times reporting is the exception that proves the rule of the toxicity of mainstream reporting, it’s far less important than this piece makes it seem. Y’all know this story will get no traction in the media and will be forgotten soon. To it will be flooded away by the usual toxic crap.

Sorry for the reality check.

Important as the issue is (or is it two when one adds the mainstream complicity in promoting it by ignoring it and not calling out the politicians supporting it?), to me there are two bigger stories along the same line.

First I’d the GOP destructive efforts to negate the power of the vote. Latest example is Wisconsin which is working on a bill to put control of elections in the hands of the legislature so, you know, changing results as they see fit is easy.

The other one is the one that pops up then disappears every few months: That Trump’s deliberate response to Covid is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and an unknown number of people suffering from the long Covid and related disabilities. Along with what Trump did there’s the complicity and support of the rest of his party with too few exceptions to matter.

These are the kind of stories an honest media would be making huge things of. Instead they’re essentially buried.

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I think that once again, we may be looking at the effect of social media. The right wing has a violent and politically triggered presence on social media and the internet which has spilled over into the GOP in general. There is also the tireless effort, especially among the young politicians, to get Donald Trump's attention and approval, both of which are political assets.

What I don't understand is that laziness on the part of the media that makes them ignore this blockbuster story right in front of them. It's easier to plug in the old "both sides" trope and then publish opinion pieces saying the Democrats need to become as violent and aggressive as the Republicans because that's the way to win. True, sometimes the Democrats' responses to violent GOP actions may seem too understated, but otherwise we could be seeing future gun violence escalate beyond reversal. We're that close.

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Good timing with what happened in Waukesha. Radical leftist killing 5 people. But Rittenhouse defending himself is the real danger.

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First, as a country music fan, I welcome the shout-out to Alan Jackson.

As for the rest, this is the reminder of why the biggest danger is the political media, who refuse to see this as the danger it is. There are some who, yes, fight this problem from within. But when The Times and The Post, which help set the agenda, are almost oblivious in their coverage, it's a problem. Likewise the old problem of the political media letting Fux Noise have a seat at the table, and letting Fux Noise dictate their agenda. Which. It. Does.

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The GOP is the pro life party. But that's only if the life in question has yet to pass through vaginal walls into the world. Once that happens all bets are off. For the born child to an unwed mother or those in financially challenged families, those kids can die as far as Republicans are concerned. No aid or benefits for those folks who shouldn't have had kids to begin with they will say. That's nothing new. What's new is the call to violence toward the adult population that think and votes left. We saw the writing on the wall after Sandy Hook when Republicans in power did nothing to pass laws to stop the availability of military style rifles used to massacre children during a typical day in public school. The country is sick beyond belief with Republicans so desperate to keep power that they now use their media mouthpieces, be it the MSM, Facebook, and other online platforms, to overtly spout violence against the left. The media will be very responsible for future violence that will occur right inside the the House chambers with all this rhetoric leading to that inevitability, you can be sure.

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It’s not republicans I hate it’s haters I hate. How does one compromise with a bunch of freaks wanting to kill us all for believing differently than they do? What do you say to someone who wants to overthrow our duly elected government? I know this description doesn’t fit every Republican but I do wonder how those people can continue to

Cling to a party that overtly promotes this kind of fearmongering? I don’t ask that they become democrats but I do ask that they become Americans.

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There is something wrong with the audio of your podcast today.

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You wrote: "celebrating an underage vigilante killer, Kyle Rittenhouse."

I've been a progressive Democrat my entire life, and I also celebrate vigilante killer Kyle Rittenhouse.


I celebrate him because he killed two misogynistic terrorists, one a convicted rapist (Rosenbaum) and the other a convicted batterer with a history of extreme domestic violence (Huber).

Why were these men even walking free???

And why did NO "progressive" news outlet ever share the information of their history of misogynistic violence with the public?

The horrifically violent histories of these men give a huge amount of credence to Rittenhouse's claim that they threatened him, and that he acted in self defense.

I am also grateful to the cop who shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake.



Now that coward will never rape another black woman, but the so-called "antiracists" eliminate Black women from their concerns. #Hypocrisy #Misogynoir

That cop deserves a medal for stopping that misogynistic terrorist.

Had Rittenhouse shot two men with a history of extreme racist violence, we on the Left would be celebrating him.

But because he shot two men with a history of misogynistic violence, we condemn him.

When will this hypocrisy end?

The Rittenhouse acquittal also expose the EXTREME hypocrisy of the prison abolition movement.

The same people demanding "restorative justice" for rapists, and calling for the release of all prisoners, are now wailing and gnashing their teeth because a teenage boy will NOT be incarcerated.

This grotesque hypocrisy is why I switched from being a Democrat to an Independent, and why I no longer watch cable news, including your employer MSNBC (they are just as bad as any other news outlet, Eric).

The news media is now dominated by sheltered rich people who have no understanding of what it's like to be poor or working class (in a recent poll, 81% of Black people said they wanted MORE police in their neighborhood, not fewer).

Defund the police?

Just exactly who do these fools think is going to fill in that gap if eliminate the police?

Sweet little nuns singing "kum-ba-ya"?


We are going to have armed vigilantes, with NO ONE to stop them or incarcerate them.

Yee-haw!!! Sounds brilliant.

I fear it's going to be a bloodbath for the Dems in 2022 and it's our own damn fault.

Hold on tight to that filibuster folks.

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The audio isn't working properly this time out. Thanks

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