Sitemap - 2021 - PRESS RUN

How the NY Times covered white, male VP’s before Kamala Harris

How Biden’s Christmas “nightmare” turned into a gift-giving miracle

Weekend thread: New York Times still won't call them "brainwashed"

Obsessing over Manchin, press whitewashes GOP's rabid obstruction

Chasing clicks — the media’s Trump slump and shoddy journalism

Surprise! Press stopped caring about Critical Race Theory exact time GOP did

Chris Wallace picked the right week to quit Fox News

Slow-walking the coup PowerPoint

Weekend thread: The New York Times plays dumb

New poll confirms media are burying us in bad economic news

Worse than Trump — press gets called out for rigged Biden coverage

NPR’s new double standard for Biden

Spreading Covid is now GOP's top priority

Consumers aren't buying the media's inflation hysteria

A colossal flop — fawning media can't save Chris Christie’s new book

The media's glaring new double standard for first woman VP

GOP violence is the most important political story in America

Weekend Thread: Giving thanks

Everything the press said about the economy was wrong

Washington Post hits Biden for not being gloomy enough

The media's inflation hysteria —more theatrics?

Good grief, CNN's promoting feel-good special on Chris Christie

Republicans, the press, and the “education” charade

A wave of good news for Biden wrecks media's doomsday narrative

Virginia lesson for Democrats: The media are not your friend

Murdoch media: DeSantis deserves a Covid medal

Biden's universal pre-K would transform America —  the press ignores it

Critical race theory fight exposes massive journalism failure

Why is the press rooting for a Democratic loss in Virginia?

Who cares if anti-vaxxers quit their jobs?

Weekend thread: Where did all the workers go?

Why the media — and Republicans — owe U.S. workers an apology

When Washington Post lost its mind cheering Colin Powell’s case for war

CNN keeps trying to bury Biden

Bah humbug — media blaming Biden for Christmas gift shortage

Media fail: Americans have no idea what’s in Biden’s Build Back Better bill

Correction regarding Oct. 11 column

Flashback: When D.C. media attacked Obama for calling out Fox News

America isn't guaranteed a happy ending

“Chaos,” "civil war"! — the press throws a Dems in Disarray party

Weekend thread: The AP sticks to the anti-Biden script

Trump gets a pass for historic murder surge in 2020

How Arizona ‘audit’ became biggest gaslighting charade in history of Fox News

Headlines you won’t see: “GOP votes to derail U.S. economy”

They miss Trump so much

CNN teams with GOP to concoct new Afghanistan drama

Media ignore a monster story — the brainwashing of Covid zombies

Politico shames WashPost columnist for calling out crummy Biden coverage

Has Biden's approval rating "plummeted"? Nope

Zero lessons learned —New York Times gives GOP a pass on election lies

Fox News brainwashes anti-vaxxers — and the press blames Biden

The press fawned over Trump voters in diners. Now they're Covid zombies

Sorry Chuck Todd, America is not hopelessly “divided” over Covid

We still don’t know who paid Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fee

Afghan obsession — how the press missed the Texas abortion story

Why Politico's about to get worse

The New York Times covers for DeSantis, blisters Biden

Committed to doomsday narrative, media downplay evacuation triumph

Biden is the anti-Trump and the press is punishing him for it

New York Times, CNN and failed Afghanistan coverage

The media's summer of discontent — waging war on Biden

Bush doomed Afghanistan when he invaded Iraq; pro-war press won’t say so

The media's Afghan blame game

Weekend thread: The return of anti-mask maniacs

The media's weird obsession with Biden Delaware trips

Traitorous GOP now the fifth column in America's war on Covid

When good news for Biden is no news for the press

New York Times demands Cuomo resign — in four years they never called for Trump to step down

The press needs to address its DeSantis debacle

Murdoch columnist canned for Covid lies — but Tucker Carlson still has a job

Good grief — Washington Post marvels at all the things Trump "got right"

Chuck Todd and the myth of Liberal Media Bias

Can the media Both Sides an insurrection? They’re gonna try

Memo to media: Stop coddling vaccine dead-enders

Weekend thread: Fox News plays good cop, bad cop on Covid

Remember when Politico said DeSantis “won the pandemic”?

Why doesn’t the press tell Trump to “go away” — the way they did Hillary?

The Murdoch variant spreads

Complete failure — the media's critical race theory debacle gets worse

The media lash out at "boring" Biden

The next Big Lie — the insurrection never happened

Tucker Carlson's NSA spying story gets dumber and dumber

The anti-Clinton donor who just wrecked UNC’s reputation

Are Democratic women bad bosses? The press keeps pushing sexist double standard

Weekend Thread: The sound of Independence

”Bungled,” “flubbed,” “chaos” — the press tries to create summer of Biden controversy

Most advertisers have dumped Tucker Carlson — why he’s still on TV ?

The stunning GOP report on voter fraud that Fox News won’t touch

How the media's helping GOP fuel critical race theory hysteria

CNN’s valentine to a Trump insurrectionist

Weekend Thread: Summer reading

The New York Times creates another Both Sides fiasco

He's not "freewheeling" — still normalizing Trump in 2021

It’s worse than Watergate

The gotcha press comes for Kamala Harris

Stop calling the Arizona charade an “audit”

Washington Post keeps covering for GOP election lies

How Trump became an online flop in 2021

It's not Trump's "grip" on GOP that's driving its descent into madness

Long weekend thread: The Kamala Harris holiday kerfuffle

How the press needs to deal with Marjorie Taylor Greene

The press shrugs — how Biden made beating Covid look easy

Incoming Washington Post editor leaves behind an AP debacle

Now Politico's just making stuff up

“Crisis!” “Chaos!” — press working hard to create Biden doomsday

Stop shaming workers

The media have no idea how to cover increasingly deranged GOP

Who cares if Biden wears a mask?

No longer seeking access, the press admits Trump "lies"

Weekend Thread: Dems gets silenced on the Liz Cheney story

Judge confirms Barr lied about Mueller report — will New York Times apologize for spreading that lie?

The Murdoch cancer — how one country is trying to cure itself

The Washington Post owes Biden an apology

If Biden were a Republican, press would tout him as the new Reagan

Rick Santorum and CNN's long history of sponsoring GOP prejudice

The press keeps chasing unicorns — “moderate” Republicans offering “compromise”

Weekend Thread: The Biden surprise

The week Fox News craved street violence in Minneapolis

New York Times drives Both Sides journalism off the cliff

The only gun reform story that matters — GOP obstruction

Why there won't ever be another Rush Limbaugh — thank God

How the media botched the J&J vaccine "pause" story

Two new reasons Fox shouldn't have White House press credentials

Maggie Haberman, and when Trump access no longer matters

Why are we still seeing Trump Voter stories?

In praise of Jen Psaki

Fox News just went 30 hours without mentioning the Matt Gaetz scandal

Fox News flop — where's the anti-Biden Tea Party?

Press ignores bombshell — Trump negligence cost U.S. 400,000 Covid lives

Biden beats the press

Fox's Maria Bartiromo lied about Covid for a year — her producer just died from it

Washington Post goes all in with anti-Biden border coverage

Why’s the media trying to turn DeSantis into GOP Covid star?

No more word games — it's GOP "voter suppression," period.

What a mess — the media's dopey Biden gotcha stories

Weekend Thread: They're still doing it

Good grief — New York Times credits Trump for Biden's vaccine victory

Does Biden owe the media a press conference?

Biden’s Covid relief triumph — how the press botched the story for a year

"60 Minutes" plays nice with the QAnon Shaman

How the press fuels the GOP's Big Lie

What a mess — Maureen Dowd lectures liberals about the press

How the press keeps playing dumb about sexism, racism

Democrats demand AT&T, Comcast, Verizon police Fox News' Insurrection TV

With Trump gone, CNN pulls the plug on White House press briefings

Defending Cancun Cruz, GOP media suddenly claim optics don’t matter

Tell the truth about Limbaugh— he was a blight

70% of GOP voters support Covid relief —the entire Republican Party opposes it

Washington Post editor finally admits Trump should've been called a "liar"

Media won’t tell the truth about GOP's impeachment cowardice

Biden has 98% approval rating from Democrats — where's the avalanche of media coverage?

Sorry Politico, impeachment's not "lost cause" for Dems — it's a home run

Biden's already "uniting" the country — his agenda is wildly popular

Weekend Thread: Press Run turns two

Fox News flipped its 7 p.m. from news to opinion — it's a ratings flop

White House reporters push back — just in time for Biden

Why is Washington Post fawning over GOP boss who spread election lies?

Memo to media: the GOP's Trump "reckoning" is never coming

Biden, the press, and the "unity" charade

After touting Trump as "populist," New York Times paints Biden as elitist

Fox News "purge" confirms network shouldn’t have White House credentials

Bullied — How Trump beat the press for four years

The New York Times needs to stop coddling the Trump mob

Banning Trump is already working — Twitter should've done it years ago

Politico's Ben Shapiro debacle — zero lessons learned from the Trump era

McConnell plays the press like a fiddle

Hannity's post-election ratings collapse

How the press — like the police — missed the looming Capitol coup

Capitol mob — how the press spent years glorifying Trump voters

Trump's crowning disgrace — how the media enabled four years of terror

Trump’s coup—the press never took it seriously

Georgia nightmare — what if GOP tries to overturn Democratic wins?

Press Run year in music