"Why risk personal health to have journalists in Tulsa to hear Trump lie without pause as he always does at his rallies..." As he always does, period! Well one bright spot was the coverage that was given him after his West Point speech. He had hoped for a campaign video op looking presidential talking to the cadets. Instead it was wall to wall coverage of him shuffling down the ramp and not being able to drink from a glass without both hands. These are obvious symptoms of someone not in the best health contrary to his claims. A couple of years ago, the media probably looks the other way. Now for once the media did the right thing. Perhaps something similar will happen in Tulsa beyond the obvious risks to everyone in attendance. This rally could back fire on Trump like West Point did.

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I can’t believe journalists are willing to risk their own health and possibly lives to serve Trump’s ego. Their organizations should stand up for them and just say no.

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Mr. Boehlert, this is extremely off topic, and I won't blame you if you delete it; but I am sorely wroth at the coverage the Media is giving SCOTUS' DACA decision.

The decision states that the Trump Administration did not follow legal guidelines for reversing an existing policy. That is, the Trump Admin. chose to act precipitously to please the Leader rather than following the prescribed rules. The Trump Administration is incompetent.

But the decision says absolutely nothing about the validity of DACA. It's strictly a procedural ruling.

So why, in the Name of All that's Holy, is the Media booting the "DACA Saved" meme? Just like Trump's "Muslim Ban"; he'll take another shot. maybe he'll get it right this time. Maybe the (Lord Willing) seven months left in his Administration will run out. Why is the Media trumpeting the "great setback"?

DACA is far from settled.

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Rather, I suggest the key will be how heavily the death attributable to the Trump Rally will be covered.

Oh, I can see it in the debates, if any, now. VP Biden will look at Trump and say, "(#) people died as a result of attending your rally (#) more are ill. All for your ego. Tell me is your ego really worth (#) dead?

And VP Biden, if anyone you know is reading this, PLEASE hand Trump a handkerchief when he starts snorting in the debates.

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