Let’s be honest a solid McAuliffe administration will be a whole lot less entertaining than the lunatic he’s running against. And that’s what all media has become, entertainment. And profitable entertainment at that.

Chet Huntley, David Brinkley and Walter Cronkite saw the writing on the wall decades ago and it was sad then. Now it’s just pathetic

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“A Scottish Judge Could Expose Donald Trump’s Shady Golf Finances”

I'm sick of 'could'. It's time for 'will'. This man should be in jail but instead he's still out in the world wreaking havoc on our democracy! Punish him for his crimes and watch how quickly his imitators start pulling back.

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It used to be the 5 W's - who, what, when, where, why. Now it is NARRATIVE.

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NYT had a piece yesterday about how Terry M was avoiding mentioning Biden—even though Biden was headed there to campaign with him at a rally. And beltway reporters and pundits are gleeful that the “race is tightening” in NJ.

Add to that the pile on from the left—see Charles Blow’s over the top column in the Times—and the ridiculous responses from readers who don’t understand the political realities (or how govt actually works). I have come to believe that the new beloved trope “Dems can’t message” is giving the old tried and true “Dems in disarray” a run for its money. Meanwhile, media never questions the veracity of the GOP’s “slogans” like “death panels” and instead choose to repeat them endlessly, while scoffing at every Dem utterance, posing doubt and even offering critiques. Which would be fine if they did it fairly and to both parties. But they don’t.

I am dreading next year’s coverage, but know that here in PA we Dems are already beginning the campaign—and we will work hard and win regardless of what the media says.

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It wasn't that long ago that the recall of Governor Newsom in California was "a barometer of Democrats position nationally" and was seen as "surprisingly razor thin." The recall failed 65-35 and all of the media coverage turned to crickets.

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Quite frankly the bullshit from the over-educated, under-intelligent, otherwise-unemployables of the DC Press Corpse are the best argument for their abolition. There's a reason why Charles P. Pierce calls Politico "Tiger Beat On The Potomac."

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Reminder: The L word for the political media is not Liberal. The word is Lazy.

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The mainstream media has been successfully co-opted by the GOP. Years of GOP complaining about "the fake news media" have succeeded.

Any story that might sound positive for Democrats is reflexively treated as partisan and avoided lest the MSM be accused of 'liberal bias'. Conversely, any story that puts Republicans in a bad light is also seen as evidence of 'liberal bias' - so if they can't say anything good about the GOP they say nothing.

It's also why they spend so much time talking to angry white Trump voters in diners in the midwest or business men complaining nobody wants to work. So, where are the interviews with workers who quit or are on strike? Where are the interviews with people angry about anti-vax crazies? That would be 'political'.

Also, there's the thing Terry Pratchett observed in "The Truth" - people don't want 'news', they want 'olds': things that confirm their view of the world so they don't have to bother about troubling facts that don't fit. The MSM exists to serve up eyeballs to advertisers. Fox News sells rage to people looking for that adrenaline fix from anger, but ordinary news loses its audience if it upsets them or upsets them in ways they don't expect to be upset. Decades of GOP messaging that Democrats can't govern and are always wrangling has become the baseline for expectations.

Fear of liberal bias and those expectations are why Manchin keeps getting described as a moderate or a centrist, even though he is wildly out of step with a Democratic Party which is largely unified around Biden's agenda. The country is too - once they hear what it is really about and not the MSM messaging that only talks about the price.

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Thanks for bringing up the insane reporting in the run up to the California recall. I remember hearing that there was very little reliable polling in the run up but the media was portraying it as an almost certain loss for Newsome. When he won in a landslide blowout most of the media quickly moved on to other negative narratives about Democrats, the only people who are trying to defend and strengthen our democracy and society. How silly can they be?

I keep thinking the media is deliberately trying to create self-fulfilling prophecies with their slanted coverage to damage Democrats.

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As someone observing from the Philippines, it's sickening that the Beltway press is rooting against Biden just because he's "boring" compared to the chaotic Trump. Seriously, why did they decide to turn American politics into a fucking reality show a la the "Real Housewives" franchise where everyone is yelling or backstabbing against each other.

My country has turned to a dystopian telenovela in which the thuggish daughter of a homicidal maniac president and the son of a dictator & plunderer are vying for the presidency.

Aside from those two, there's a B-list actor turned mayor, a former ranking police chief with a killer reputation turned senator, and a boxer turned politician. The best candidate happens to the vice-president from the opposition party. The press here is complicit in treating politics like showbusiness.

The Beltway press should stop navel-gazing and look reality in the eye that those pompous assholes are complicit in destroying democracy.

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Michele Cottle in the NYT is more of the same today. Ugh. I wonder WHO exactly these people are talking to? Dems in diners? Here in PA 06 (Chrissy Houlahan), which is purple, we are preparing for the morons who are write-in candidates for our school board. We have three great candidates and I will be making calls and others are door-knocking, texting. I'm not really seeing the 'apathy' described by faux-news like Axios, Politico etc, but I sure do remember the hysteria about Gavin Newsom's recall election. Frankly, hysterical articles tend to BRING PEOPLE OUT. But yes, it does get old.

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As I've been saying for a long time - when the autopsy of the coup is finally revealed, the MSM will be one of the main characters involved. The press has lost its ability to be objective. They stick to a narrative that makes no sense unless they are an active participant in aiding and abetting the Republican coup. 70 percent of this country support the progressive agenda put forward by Democrats. Yet the press sides with the minority who simply want to stoke chaos. Is it really a coincidence? As Malcom Nance often says, coincidences take a lot of planning.

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My guess is most every NASCAR fan, whether they'll admit it or not would be disappointed if they spent all that dough to attend a race and there were no wrecks.

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Why is the press rooting for a GOP win in Virginia?

Answer--the same reason they endlessly kissed Scott Brown's ass in 2010! They want Republicans in power and will do anything to get them in office to stick the shiv in the Democrats.

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It’s all a game to Our Failed Political Press ™ - and note that this is not journalism, this is pundits cosplaying journalists. Someone needs to ask these journalists to support their assertions. What is the evidence?

There really should be some sort of governing body for journalists like the American Bar Association is for attorneys.

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Speaking of bias, the latest from The Claw News, a subscription newsletter (https://theclawnews.com) had this observation about a recent 538 polling story.

(ROC stands for Rule Of Claw - and the newsletter is enlivened with cat memes. I've added links to this, since they didn't cut and paste from the original newsletter.)

"The Claw News October 27th, 2021

A Shockingly Biased Republican Push Poll Is Incorporated Into 538 Averages. See The Proof HERE.

538 is the ultimate aggregator of political polls both valid and invalid, and somehow or another, they have a special sauce that assigns weights and creates adjusted leaders based on how biased they think one poll is versus another.

They seem to think themselves not just a publisher of statistics, but the ultimate arbiter of them. The problem is polls have long since moved beyond data collection and into the realm of propaganda. For my part, I do not believe in weighing already weighted statistical samples. Data is data. But when is data not data? When the collection of data manipulates the interviewee to the point where the entire collection is rendered invalid, or what we call a push poll.

I am not saying 538 is attempting to put their thumb on the scale. I am saying that in my opinion they should be more restrictive. They rate the poll in question as C/D which is not good, obviously, but that does not tell the whole story. If you allow skewed data into your averages, your averages themselves are skewed, no matter how much you try to adjust data collected with an agenda.

The entire poll I am about to reveal is skewed. Now this poll is brought to us by (full data here https://mclaughlinonline.com/pols/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/National-Monthly-October-Release.pdf) McLaughlan and Associates, a notorious GOP pollster famous for one of its founder’s association with Donald Trump. (https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/06/trump-cnn-poll-14-biden-memo-john-mclaughlin.html)

In order to fulfill Trump’s demand to discredit CNN’s poll, he needed to bring in an outsider capable of generating even more outrageous claims. Hence the appearance of “highly respected pollster” John McLaughlin, who is, in fact, a laughingstock within the profession.

538 can weight all it wants, but if the method of collecting data is biased the entire process is invalid..how could the results ever be valid?

Let me ask you a question-

“Many people think that Ford makes ugly, unreliable overpriced vehicles.”

Do you agree?

This question can introduce a response bias, or less likely a reverse courtesy bias.

Now look at this question-

As you are likely aware Ford is an American auto manufacturer. Is your opinion of Ford

1. Positive

2. Negative

3. Neutral/No opinion.

Simple question. Ford exists. What do you think of Ford?

Not, “Ford sucks.” Do you agree?

So let’s look at this so-called poll’s questions. Because these questions are so shockingly biased, I can not say for sure their question order, which could also greatly change the response validity.

Here is a sample of awful questions-

From what you have seen so far, are you worried about the future of America with Joe Biden as President?

All things being equal, do you prefer:1. Free Market Capitalism or. 2. Big Government Socialism?

I pause here to notate that this pollster got a response of 61 percent in favor of free market capitalism. But they were not satisfied, so they literally prove my whole point with the second question related to the topic.

All things being equal, do you prefer:1. American Capitalism or 2. Big Government Socialism?

This question received 76 percent in support.

But still not satisfied, they ask the question a third time, like this:

All things being equal, do you prefer…? 1. American Opportunity Society OR, 2. Big Government Socialism?

This got them to 78 percent support. So they are message testing propaganda to back capitalism. I get that. Let’s try another hypothetical question proposed by me to make a comparison:

We asked 1,000 consumers which do they prefer?

1. A souped up Dodge Charger

2. A 4 Cylinder Toyota Camry

We found 55 percent preferred the Charger.

When we asked it like this:

1. A souped up Dodge Charger with leather seats

2. A 4 cylinder Toyota Camry

We found 64 percent support for the Charger.

Finally when we asked it like this:

1. A souped up Dodge Charger with leather seats and a free Bose sound system

2. A 4 cylinder Toyota Camry

We found 75 percent of respondents preferred the Charger.


75 percent of Americans prefer a Dodge Charger to a Toyota Camry.

But the questions continue to get worse in the McLaughlan poll.

Do you approve or disapprove of President Biden’s proposed new federal mileage tax which would tax a driver 8 cents for every mile they drive and cost the average driver over $1200 a year?

This question is not even accurate. President Biden has commissioned a study on various proposals, this being one of them though no amount is outlined. None of them have been formally proposed. (https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-907285011746)

CLAIM: President Joe Biden has called for a “driving tax” that is estimated to be 8 cents per mile.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The administration has not proposed that tax. A provision in Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill before Congress would establish a national study to assess how such a tax could be implemented. It would not actually enact that tax, nor it does not outline a rate of 8 cents per mile.

This is as close as it gets to a pollster hypothetically asking,

“President Biden wants to personally knock on your door and remove money from your wallet. Do you still like President Biden?”

Yet 538 thinks this poll is worth including?


Which of the following candidates are you more likely to vote for congress?A REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE who supports allowing school choice for every American child. OR, A DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE who supports more funding for government run schools and raising salaries for government employed teachers

Government run schools? Do you mean public schools? Paid for by tax dollars from people like you and me, with a school board elected by people like you and me with accountability to you and me?

President Biden has urged the FBI to investigate some of the parents who have protested vigorously about Critical Race Theory curriculum at school board meetings.He has said that they may be domestic terrorists. Do you agree or disagree that these parents should be investigated?

Stalking and threats of violence against school board members is not “protesting.” (https://www.usnews.com/news/education-news/articles/2021-10-04/doj-to-investigate-threats-against-school-board-members)

The Department of Justice will mobilize the FBI in response to a spike in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members across the country.

In a memorandum released Monday evening, Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI and U.S. attorneys' offices to meet in the next 30 days with federal, state and local law enforcement leaders to outline strategies for addressing the incidents, which have become more frequent and more volatile in recent months.

1.(Some/Other) people say that President Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan is emboldening China and making them think they can act militarily against Taiwan without fear of retaliation by the United States. OR, 2.(Other/Some) people say China knows that President Biden will stand firm for Taiwan.


Question A1. asked of participants who identified as male voters:

Some people say eating ketchup will make you impotent. Others say it won’t.

Asking about your approval of President Biden at that point is like..

Are you still willing to eat ketchup?

And after all of that, the poll finds 48 Republicans, 47 Democrats in the generic ballot. This shows just how bad of shape the Republicans are in politically.

Here is the link to their usage in the generic ballot averages on 538. (https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-generic-ballot-polls/)

Look this is a company that message tests. Fine. Do your thing. But don’t present it as data.

James Carville co-runs with Stan Greenberg Democracy Corps, a political think tank and poll that message tests, though not with this kind of bias so their data is much less suspect.

But 538 takes this McLaughlan poll, sees it is a partisan poll which does not even begin to cover it, and assigns it a three point weight to the Democrats upon review.

So after thinking about it, only 72 percent, not 75, prefer a Dodge Charger to a Toyota Camry.

Thanks for clearing that up.

One more question-some people say 538 is not restrictive enough with the data they use for their poll aggregations.

Do you agree?


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