Because corporate news organizations are deeply committed to entertainment -- it sells -- Trump will get his prime-time advertisements for himself. And for free. It is not news, as Mr. Boehlert says, and it is not at all just news from "the other side" as argued by dbtheonly.

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But as you state, his poll numbers have not recovered since his suggestion that we ingest cleaning products. Perhaps airing this train wreck will sink his numbers even more. Maybe this time (but unlikely) the press corp will grow a pair and not let him off the hook when he says something stupid which of course is every time he opens his mouth.

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If only they had the courage to follow your sage advice.

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In recovery circles, there's a belief that "we can't get in the way of someone hitting their bottom," 'cause hitting bottom is the only way that the hard truth is revealed. This analogy is why I'll continue to watch these trainwrecks; hope springs eternal.

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You know things are messed up when a Fox reporter (Chris Wallace) gives Trump a harder time than the rest of the media.

It’s not about news - it’s about eyeballs. His fan base will eat it up; for others, it will be like slowing down to look at a car crash.

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Just wanted to share this from an AP article attempting to justify Trump sending in federal troops to US cities: "A barrage of gunfire left 15 people dead on Tuesday near a funeral home on the South Side." - I had to check this one - 15 people were shot but none died - what is this?

Trump deploys more federal agents under ‘law-and-order’ push


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From an ABC The THE NOTE tweet: “The president is displaying a new tone and a new level of engagement, after aides and allies have pleaded with him to recognize the gravity of the moment, @rickklein”


Aaaargggghhhhhh!!!! However, the responses are priceless. Clearly people aren’t falling for this. And I am even seeing some in the media calling out their colleagues for not only praising Trump for acting halfway normal but for not giving enough attention to the fact that he gave a shoutout the that child pimp Ghislaine Maxwell. Here is Jennifer Rubin’s today:

“ Trump wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well — and the media barely reacts”


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Mr. Boehlert,

I'll continue to argue that seeing Trump urging the injection of disinfectant as a Corona-cure was part of the collapse of his approval on the issue. Some lunacy has to be seen to be believed.

Give Trump an hour per day. He knows he's got cameras on him for that hour. He's going to fill that hour. There simply isn't an hour's worth of corona news in each day. He's going to go off-script. I'll bet you'll be pleased by the results.

But really, I see you wildly inconsistent on the issue of what should be published or covered. On one hand you, rightly, decry the emphasis that was put covering "Hillary's e-mails". On the other hand you decry the coverage of Trump's pandemic. I saw you fall into the same pit with Facebook.

Sir, when you give any organization the right to determine what should and should not be covered, you give them vast power. This power used for goals with which you agree is fine. But please imagine this same power used to shut down the publication of items you support. Please imagine how this power can be misused.

Strictly for myself I see Fox "News" as embodying the goals you assert, only from the other side.

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