Eric, I more than appreciate you articulating the many ways in which the NYT and the WaPo and other MSM normalize the former president and in so doing essentially support him. It's very disheartening and what we really need to do collectively is get this to stop before he does run again (at this point I have about zero faith the courts will ever indict him).

To everyone reading this - You know what might actually change this behavior on the part of papers like the NYT and WaPo? Letters to the editor. Seriously. If these papers were flooded every day with letters describing our collective displeasure with this type of hall pass for a man who did much to destroy the country, they might actually change their tone. You can do it on-line. You can do it EVERY DAY and in volume it will have a far greater impact than posting here or tweeting or any other method you use to complain. Complain directly to the paper and get your friends to do it, too. Start a campaign. Flood, flood, flood.

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The headlines should read “As gun purchases surge in US so does murder rate”. Kevin Drum posted data that showed there wasn’t an overall spike in crime, just in murders and know that the majority of them were gun murders.


Too bad the media doesn’t make guns the story. From what I have read we are the only developed country that saw a big surge in murders. And we know we are the only country that saw a huge increase in gun purchases during Covid. But, then, we also know that guns don’t kill people, people do, amirite?

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The press is dying for Trump to take office again. No president has been a bigger cash cow for the media.

The surge in homicides under Trump might be due to an increase in domestic violence during the Covid lockdown (and abusive men were surely emboldened by the election of a proud sex offender).

Male violence against women increased during Covid by at least 8.1% https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/domestic-violence-covid-19-increase-us-ncccj-study/

But the misogynistic press treats male violence against women as a "natural" disaster rather than a form of terrorism.

The grotesque take on the murder of Gabby Petito (that she was "privileged" because the press turned her murder into a tabloid game) made me sick to my stomach.

But I was not surprised. The "anti-racist" movement is as male centered and misogynistic as any other political movement, with zero concern for the 3 to 4 women murdered every day in this country by a husband or boyfriend.

Biden did a great thing by helping to pass the Violence Against Women Act, and for that he is being attacked by both the Far Right and the Far Left.

I think Biden is a very brave man, and I would love to see the press acknowledge him for the courageous decisions he has made while in office - especially his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

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The FG’s record of pushing violence and four + years of reckless rhetoric and incivility are the backdrop for the destruction of our norms, values we are witnessing. Increased murder rates don’t happen in a vacuum but the press is choosing to white wash the FACTS underlying the nation wide numbers to shape a narrative that works for THEM, not for the public. The long lasting damage done by the FG and enabled by the msm take the breath away. If the press is now committed to towing the R line in their reporting, we are indeed in deep sh..! Failing to hold the FG to account has been their major and deadly failure.

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The standard GOP gripe on Afghanistan has been that *now* our allies won't trust us. Their remedy? Biden should have scrapped the deal Former Guy made. What says unreliable to allies more than a new president completely disregarding an agreement made by the old president? Don't ask a Republican congressman, unless you want to see a head explode.

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The press giving Trump a pass on the murder outbreak and the pandemic is only the tip of the iceberg. He essentially got a pass on everything for 5 years and counting... and pretty much his life before that too. (Why isn't his name Teflon Don?)

If that wasn't enough every day it seems a new tell-all book comes out from people who were in his administration detailing yet more seriously disturbing things. Other sources keep telling us things it would have been nice to know at the time - and there are criminal investigations going on.

Yet with all of this, what's the big story about Trump? None of this matters. All the media seems to think he's going to run again in 2024. (Republicans are greasing the skids to make sure the election will have the "right" result.) No one seems to doubt he can get the nomination, that he can run - and possibly win. The media response seems to be that of anticipation of having him back again - even though this time we already know what the main goal of another Trump term will be: revenge.

And his base can't wait for it - those that survive Covid.

Gaelsdottir at Daily Kos at Daily Kos is the one who put these misgivings into words with "One of the Strangest Diaries I May Ever Write". Here's an excerpt:

"...I can’t recall seeing any article or comment that discusses any aspect of Trump’s anticipated next run in which the author has paused, taken a metaphorical breath, and said: “but of course this is all speculative, because there are a half dozen lawsuits and numerous criminal probes going on, so there’s an even chance that Trump may be cooling his heels in the clink by 2024. And we don’t let our politicians campaign from jail — YET. So stay tuned, because all of this could change on a dime.”

I am not seeing that disclaimer anywhere. I think it is very significant that I am not seeing that disclaimer. It is as though we have collectively hypnotized ourselves into believing that Trump is as inevitable as Melancholia (big honkin’ planet that crashed into Earth and destroyed it, in a chirpy feel good movie by Lars von Trier).

There is this term: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Its meaning is obvious: when you behave as though something is an absolute certainty, you may well be in a position to influence events in such a way that it does indeed come to pass."


Meanwhile, the media goes out of its way to frame every bit of news about Biden and the Democrats in as negative a way as reflex allows.

Here are the top headlines at the moment at the web version of The NY Times:

"House delays vote on infrastructure, in big setback for Biden agenda"

"The Morning: An Era of Democratic Unity May Be Coming to an End"

"President Biden's slide with Key Democratic Voters is either a blip or a Danger Sign, our polling reporter writes"

"In Facebook Ads, the Oil and Gas industry is taking aim at climate provisions in President Biden's Budget Bill"

(That last headline should be the real story.)

Whoever writes headlines at The NY Times is providing a revealing look into the way the Gray Lady's "liberal bias" works. How many headlines about Trump ever used the word "LIE" in them?

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The MSM is just so deplorable. But where is our DOJ? Where is the SDNY and their case(s) against Trump? It just seems like nothing of any consequence will ever happen to this maniacal narcissistic sociopath. Can the MSM really want this criminal to run for office again? How is the legal systems within this country allowing this to happen? For God's sake, Trump incited a fucking insurrection! I can't believe we are facing Trump 2.0 and the media is cheerleading it along. WTF has happened to our country??!!!!

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Thanks Eric.

TRMS presented an interesting timeline of unpunished RW criminality, especially violence, prior to 1/6/21. The timeline started with 11/1/2020. In sum the implication was letting people commit violent acts leads to more violent acts. Or worse, cheering criminal acts.

Here's a news clip from 11/1/2020:

After a caravan of President Trump’s supporters surrounded and delayed a Joe Biden campaign bus on a Texas highway on Friday, the Democrats on board canceled the rest of that day’s events, citing safety concerns, and federal and local law enforcement opened investigations into the incident. Some prominent Republicans, though, have cheered the disruptive motorists. “In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong,” Trump said in the tweet. “Instead, the FBI & Justice should be investigating the terrorists, anarchists, and agitators of ANTIFA."

Crime is difficult to track, predict or explain. Murder rates are no exception. Of equal importance we live in a violent country with a horrifyingly violent past. But we could start with an equal justice system, including the prosecution of all criminals.

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The NY Times article about Biden following Trump policies was particularly egregious. The article assumes that the parties should have diametrically opposed positions on every issue. Which drives the idea that if one party is for something, the other party must, in a journalistic ideal world, be against it. After all, what's most important about government action is conflict?

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Millencamp and Springsteen are an amazing pairing. Thanks Eric, great way to start a Friday.

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And where do the Republicans stand on gun control? We all know the answer. Guns, guns and more guns everywhere. We have become immune to death and violence because we are now a third world country, fearing that the grocery store or the theatre or the synagogue could be where we meet our end. Republicans? Crickets. It's pure madness.

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Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo takes the Times to task

His latest--Something’s Very Wrong with the Times


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