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3a. Adopting the term "doubled-down" whenever Trump embellished his prior lies.

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The press had no problem calling Al Gore a liar, when it was just a misunderstanding, and they derailed his campaign over it. So any excuses they use to avoid calling Trump a liar are just that. Excuses. They don’t call Trump a liar because they just don’t want to. It has always been a conservative media bias.

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It's Occum's Razor. The simplest explanation tends to be the one that is correct. In the case of the press, it's that they have leaned right for decades now since television networks mandated that news divisions make a profit. Newspapers followed suit to keep up. Media outlets are owned by a handful of billionaires who have so much more to lose, specifically in more taxes, if they were to support the Democrats. But fear not because there are alternatives. I can't tell you how many of my liberal friends are unaware of blogs like yours, Freespeech TV, and other progressive news outlets. There is good journalism out there. Freespeech.tv now reaches into 40 million homes via the Internet (Freespeech.org) and (I believe) Dish TV. There, the intelligent, fact finding, left hosts are not afraid to call Trump a liar.

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Thanks Eric. As always.

Some time ago Mike Wallace, as far as I can remember, suggested that when the news corporations learned news could be profitable everything changed. And many Press Run readers have echoed that and posted about "worship of the almighty dollar" as the underlying problem.

James Fallows identifies some folks working in 2020 to counter the nonsense:

"Over the past few years, they’ve been the object of careful, continued analyses by the likes of Margaret Sullivan, now of The Washington Post and the last really effective public editor of The New York Times (before the paper mistakenly abolished that position); Dan Froomkin, formerly of the Post and now of Press Watch; Jay Rosen, of New York University and PressThink; Eric Boehlert, of Press Run Media; Greg Sargent of “The Plum Line” at The Washington Post; Brian Beutler of Crooked Media; Eric Alterman of CUNY Brooklyn College, author of the new book Lying in State; the linguist George Lakoff, who has promoted the concept of countering lies with a “truth sandwich”; and many others." (Shout out to Eric Boehlert.)

I would add some of the homeless republicans, so-called never-trumpers, blasting trump with exceptionally harsh ads and words. There are also some prime-time MSNBC hosts trying every night to expose this administration. None of this existed in 2016.

We all face the choice of looking harder for the truth sandwich. For me, learning more often leads to the possibility of being an opinion leader: with my partner, children, extended family, friends and colleagues.

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The press has always been a lapdog for the right wing.

Their abrogation of their core responsibility turned deadly serious when they accepted without question Ronald Reagan's absurd contention that government regulation is, PER SE, a bad thing.

No government can operate without regulation. The key question is whether regulation is appropriate and designed well to accomplish its INTENDED function (as opposed to so subversive minority's hidden agenda. It was precisely to AVOID that question that Reagan introduced the absurd and deeply pathological concept that government regulation is, PER SE, bad.

The precedent set by allowing such a deeply pathological idea to go unquestioned, when the most cursory examination would have destroyed it, is what has led to the complete destruction of our government, our society, our culture and our environment.

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Love that video. Needed that musical interlude right now😊

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