It isn’t just Republicans who were using “woke-ism” and critical race theory to scare voters, by constantly repeating those Republican talking points the mainstream media has made it sound like millions on the left are demanding everyone be “woke”, not a tiny minority, and that public schools are teaching critical race theory when NONE of them are. In fact just this morning Joe Scarborough was ranting that “progressives” need to stop with the wokism and talk about jobs, child care, etc. That statement confirms the false picture Republicans are painting that Democratic leaders on the left are all about being woke when they have been all about getting a bill passed to address things voters really care about. They are not the ones waging a phony culture war. It is Republican leaders doing that.

Every time the media wanted to talk about CRT they should have used the “truth sandwich” — first make it clear that CRT is not taught in our schools, state the lie, then summarize by restating the truth. That way people hear the truth twice for on repeating of the lie. And the media should refuse to obsessively report about a subject like CRT that has been debunked.

This is the same media who has kept mostly silent while wealthy donors like BB&T gave money to universities on the condition that they teach Ayn Rand’s crackpot, fascist and anti-religion “philosophy” ; the same media who kept quiet when Harvard Business School started teaching the Milton Friedman’s economic version of her toxic “greed-is-good” ideology; the same media who has ignored the growing threat of right wing domestic terrorists even in our military.


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DeSantis SHOULD get a Covid medal...from the Florida Undertakers Association. Interesting how the Florida newspapers see DeSantis for the cynical fraud he is while the national media laps up, and regurgitates, rightwing BS about him.

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The Republican strategy of implementing a deeply unpopular agenda then obstructing Democrats from doing anything popular is way too effective. It's not even that democratic-leaning voters become apathetic to voting for Democrats. "Independent" voters who seem to hate Republican policies very quickly change sides when Democrats can't pass an agenda the independents like. What the hell do these voters think will happen when they put Republicans back in charge?

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CRT is going to be the GOP’s dogwhistle. It’s a MacGuffin that will animate their election strategies and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t exist in public schools: they believe in it because they want to, and because it works. I don’t know how we fight against what is essentially a matter of faith.

It’s all madness.

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"Among the laws he wants passed is one making businesses liable for medical harm that results from mandatory vaccinations, even though tens of millions of vaccines have safely been administered in the U.S."

Every bit as performative as banning CRT...and the rubes will eat it up....

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There is a cancer on our democracy and look no further for the tumor than Fox News. Rupert Murdoch is hell bent on creating an autocratic country for the likes of him and a handful of other billionaires to rule. DeSantis is just another Trump impersonator for Fox to regurgitate their bullshit. Unlike real cancer that has many effective treatments and in some cases cures, the cancer on our country is very hard to fight. And now with the Governor of VA race lost and the surprisingly close race in NJ, the MSM will be intolerable in telling all that will listen just how in disarray the Democrats are. God help us all.

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Now Youngkin will turn Virginia into Florida. Watch the Covid cases spike...

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It is normal for the opposition party to do well in midterms. Now, we know that they are not an opposition party, but rather a treasonous, terrorist organization. WE know, but do others?

This is why I have been saying to people that the greatest, gravest threat to this country and to the planet is not the republikkkan party, as repulsive, bigoted, pro-rape, and treasonous as it is, as much as it is responsible for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans and others around the world in the past almost two years.

The greatest, gravest threat to this country is its political media. To put it another way, how many of those assigned to cover politics were involved in the best reporting The Times and The Post did on January 6? Zero. Why? Because they are not journalists. I can count on one hand the number of people in DC who write regularly about politics, as reporters or commentators, who are always on target.

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I’m in a self-imposed media blackout today, much like 11/9/16. I just can’t bear to hear the gleeful punditry pat themselves on the back for all their Dems in disarray and bad messaging takes or listen to their “warnings for Democrats” admonishments.

Bottom line, American voters are why this country is a hot mess. American voters are so easily bored, forgetful, and ignorant, and many on the left are often lazy and vindictive when they don’t get exactly what they want. Like Charlie Brown trusting Lucy with the football, voters fall for GOP lies and chicanery. They vote them in, then when the GOP gerrymander, restrict voting, and pass legislation like the abortion law in Texas, voters wail “how could this have happened” and join the media chorus of “why did the Dems allow this and what are they going to do to stop/fix it?”

Many on the right and left don’t seem to understand how our government works—or why it doesn’t when “nothing gets done.” They fall for GOP-invented, media-inspired nonsense like “entitlements” “death panels” and “caravans.” The left too is at fault for self owns like “defund the police” which made it very difficult for reps in swing districts like mine. No matter how committed you are to racial equality and justice, it’s exhausting to constantly hear “all whites are privileged”—which makes it easy to tune out and believe stupid CRT lies and exaggerations, especially when media amplify them.

Today is hard. Tomorrow is another day and we must and will regroup to continue the fight against the likes of DeSantis, Youngkin, TFG, et al. Because the alternative is unacceptable.

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The "liberal" (more accurately: coastal) take on Youngkin's win in the VA governors race is dishonest and misguided.

The fact that CRT and "diversity training" was even an issue in the governors race is OUR fault.

Why did the coastal media constantly blather on about the importance of CRT/diversity training and about how "evil" it was for parents to oppose its teaching in the schools? This academic legal theory never should have been an issue in any political race, but it was good theater, and therefore turned into an issue by the very same people now bemoaning the loss of Terry McAuliffe.

Coastal media consistently shoots Democrats in the foot because they are completely out of touch with the reality of life on the ground.

Guess which public school systems are more segregated: Virginia's or New York's?

If you guessed Virginia's you are WRONG.

New York public schools are FAR more segregated than Virginia's.

Perhaps if more Democratic voters in New York read "How To Be An Antiracist" their schools would be as integrated as Virginia's.

Democratic leadership in cities and states have done little or nothing to help the poor and working classes (which are disproportionately people with dark brown skin, although most poor people in the USA have beige skin).

San Francisco is supposed to be "progressive" but it is a hellscape for the poor (I know, because when I lived there i was a homeless and disabled single mom, and I was treated like vermin).

Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, LA, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Portland, and Austin only care about the poor on paper.

The same people in Austin who voted against adding more police on the streets in response to rising homicide rates in poor neighborhoods, also voted to ticket and arrest homeless people for "camping" on the streets.

See the consistency?

When you live in a low crime neighborhood with an expensive home security system, you oppose spending tax dollars on police protection. But why should you have to tolerate the eyesore of dirty old tents outside your favorite downtown restaurant?

I blame out of touch "progressive" leadership for the loss in Virginia and for the losses we are likely to endure in 2022 and 2024.

Racism is certainly a big problem in the USA, but it is DWARFED by the problem of a ghastly economic divide which is getting wider every year (which disproportionately harms people with brown and dark brown skin, but harms a larger number of people with beige skin).

It kills me to see us behave so stupidly, then anoint ourselves as the "smart" ones.

If we're so "smart" why are we losing?

Dunning Kruger is alive and well on the Left.

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Dis the Murdoch operation as much as you want but this is much worse:

“Let’s be clear, the mainstream media was not hard on DeSantis for his handling of Covid this year.”

The mainstream media are as complicit in covering for literal killers as FNC which, BTW, I consider part and parcel of the mainstream.

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Silly me! How could I forget!!!!!

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