And while the press aids and abets Trump's call to violence, the great distraction continues away from his biggest failure, the pandemic. 180k+ Americans are dead on this president's watch because of his total incompetence. I hope some day we discover why the media is so willing to do what it can to help the worst president in American history get reelected.

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It’s just another version of the media’s obsession with the “Democrats are in disarray” narrative. 🙄

I am so over it. And it isn’t working this time. Even the RNC couldn’t bring Trump’s or the GOP’s numbers up. It is disingenuous at best to lay any of the responsibility for the country’s problems on Joe Biden, but in all fairness, what else can they do? They know Trump isn’t really our president. He’s just playing a role. They need somebody to be POTUS. If anything, this has been helping Biden’s campaign, because it is showing Americans who the real leader is. On the plus side, some journalists (on Fox “News” no less!) are already calling Joe Biden “Mr. President.” Whether this is intentional to gaslight Americans into placing all the blame for America’s problems on him or not, I don’t know, but it has not helped Trump. And the majority of Americans are not not falling for it or shifting blame away from Trump. So, there’s that.

One of the many things Democrats have got to do in the first 100 days once they take control of the White House, Senate and House in January is reinstate the Fairness Doctrine to put an end to the bias media coverage, and especially put an end to foreign election interference by way of disinformation campaigns and propaganda, so we can avoid another media-enabling Trump type in the future.

There is no doubt in my mind the GOP will start blaming Biden for everything Trump did to us the moment he’s sworn in on January 20th, in order to create another Tea Party-like sweep in the 2022 midterms. Democrats have got to make voting rights and the Fairness Doctrine the #1 priority from the get-go or we’re going to be right back where we started and the circus begins again. And Americans are too exhausted for that.

A couple of my favorite journalists to pay attention to right now are Ana Navarro-Cardenas (sp?), Amy Siskind of The Weekly List, David Corn of Mother Jones, and Kyle Griffin at MSNBC (on social media). They are consistently factual, fair and interesting. I also like Robert Reich, but he’s not technically a journalist, I think.

Great, great song choice this week.

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Mr. Boehlert,

Off topic; but important to me.

It is appalling late for me to finally grok this; but I see the source of our disagreements over Facebook.

You see Facebook as an active “media outlet” supplying news.

I see Facebook as an electronic “wall” upon which everyone can post; but having no responsibility for the items posted by individuals.

This, of course, does not include the advertising Facebook accepts.

Of course we can’t agree if we don’t see Facebook the same way.

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Biden has dementia, and is a political hack, Harris is a racist and a Marxist and the left hates America. So blame Trump for everything that the dems and libtards did and are doing now. The left is the reason that these cities are burning and rioting is happening.

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"I'm rubber and you're glue." Trump learned this method in elementary school and matured very little since then. His minority of voters are arrested in the same developmental stage. They like Trump's simple mindedness. But the press is not in arrested development. They know what is happening. Eric Boehlert, and a few others, have the task of explaining why the press does not cover this nightmare honestly. It is not a simple task.

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It honesly makes you wonder. If "the press" doesn't understand who the president that created the situation we're in is, how is the average voter supposed to make the connection. This appears to be an "Emperor has no clothes" moment.

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