Looks like they are betting on the wrong horse. A whopping 75% of seniors oppose reopening. Only 16% support it according to a Morning Consult poll.


Then there is study showing that Fox News hosts that downplayed the virus have helped to spread the virus and cost lives. Studies of the effect of propaganda on people’s behavior and beliefs are notoriously hard to do well but this one has done a credible job.


The media should give at least as much attention to these stories as they did to those pitiful “freedom” rallies.

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Ohio rep. Jim Jordan, otherwise, it's brilliant, Eric!

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This is such a great example of their hypocrisy. I've heard that these protesters were heavily astroturfed - have you seen anything substantial about that, Eric?


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And now Ingraham is back to pushing hydroxychloroquine again.

The Las Vegas mayor pushing to open up the city as a "control group" was asked if she would go on the casino floor. Mayor Carolyn Goodman replied "First of all, I have a family." These people are completely unprincipled.

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Thanks for the Rockin' 1000 video!

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