That Vanity Fair article was one of the best analyses I've read in a mainstream publication. I find most political analysts (print, online or broadcast/cable) do not add any value at all and mostly repeat each other's cliches. This reporter made some excellent points, like capitalize on strengths vs focus on how to be like everybody else, especially when it comes to all things social media.I ended up subscribing for 1 year to Vanity Fair, which I hope I don't regret!

I do believe Biden is the best person to lead us through this particular era.

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There is another consideration here.

People who turn 65 were born in 1955. They certainly remember the anti-war protests and were well aware of Watergate. In fact, those aged 66 voted for the first time in 1972. Are these people suddenly to forget Nixon & jump on a Republican/Trump bandwagon?

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